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Java >4< SpreadsheetML

Xelem is a compact Java-library to read and write Excel files of type SpreadsheetML. It can produce sophisticated, intricate and complex spreadsheets from within any Java program. And, since the release of xelem.2.0, it can read SpreadsheetML.

xelem architecture

The architecture of xelem stays close to the architecture of SpreadsheetML, the xml-dialect for Excel, developed by MicroSoft. Each element in the xml can have it's equivalent in a Java class that implements the XLElement-interface. The root of the xml spreadsheet is the Workbook-element, the hub and starting point of xelem is the XLWorkbook.class.

further reading

To get a general idea of xelem, read the overview page in the javadoc:
  • general overview

    And here's how to read spreadsheets with the xelem.lex package:

  • reading spreadsheets