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To run the examples, offcourse, xelem.1.0.1.jar needs to be on your classpath. What the examples also need is a configuration file. You will find such a file suite for the examples in the directory examples/config, with the name xelem.xml.

Class- and sourcefiles of the examples as well as xelem.xml can be found in the directory examples, provided with the xelem-distribution. See: download.

Running the examples from the commandline

To run the examples from the commandline the config-directory needs to be in the same folder as the examples. Like this:
Run Fibonacci:
java -classpath %classpath%;.;[xelem_home]/xelem.1.0.1.jar Fibonacci

Running the examples in an editor

I don't know about other editors, but Eclipse will have your java-classes that do not belong in some package in a default package. The user.dir, where the VM starts, will therefore be the project-folder and the config-directory should be a direct child of this project-folder. That looks like this:
examples (project-folder)
     |--(default package)
     |         |--HelloExcel.java
     |         |--Fibonacci.java
     |         |--...